The Many Uses of a Stylish, but Functional, Pedestal Table

Published: 02nd February 2012
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Whilst the traditional dining table often has a large surface area and is used to seat a whole family, usually at meal time; there are many times when the family may not be all together, or perhaps you live on your own. In situations like these, a smaller table often comes in very useful, not necessarily for sitting at, in order to eat a meal, but simply to put plates and cups on, to avoid spillage on the floor.

It is for this kind of purpose that pedestal tables are especially useful. The good news too, is that they come in all designs and styles, and range from the relatively inexpensive to the higher end of the market, depending on the material used to make them.

So, what should you look for when purchasing a pedestal table?

First of all, it is important to consider what purpose you want it to serve. You may simply want to buy one to put your cup of tea on whilst watching TV. If you live alone, then a bottom of the range table may suffice. If you do not live alone or have regular visitors, you will most likely want to buy something more attractive and stylish, as well as being functional.

Of course, as well as being an occasional indoor table, pedestal tables can be used as outdoor patio furniture, so outdoor conditions may need to be taken into consideration.

Many people also use pedestal tables to display ornaments, or photographs. This can be a very effective method of displaying, if the right table is chosen.

The period style of your home too, may be a factor. If you have a Victorian period home, for example, you are probably unlikely to want modern minimalist furniture, but will want to buy a pedestal table in the style of that era. These are likely to be more expensive, however. Depending on your interior design, you will also need to decide if you want your table to have a square or a round top.

Choosing the right material for your table too, is another decision that you will need to make. If you are using your pedestal table for outdoor furniture, it may be an advantage to purchase plastic furniture. This hardwearing material though, rarely looks as attractive as wood. Many pedestal tables also come with a glass top, which is an attractive design; however, if you have young children, you may want to consider the safety factor, and perhaps opt for a more solid version.

All the above of course, presumes that your pedestal table will be a secondary table in the home. For some people, the compactness of a pedestal table holds an appeal. For those living in a small flat or apartment, a dining table is likely to take up a disproportionate portion of the available room. For this reason, a pedestal table is an excellent option, and in cases like this, where the pedestal table is to be the main table in the room, it may be worth considering a more expensive, but attractive, and hardwearing one. For the top of the range, you may even wish to consider one made from mahogany.

One thing to consider, if you have children, is the general stability of your pedestal table. Some tables come with a single but wide base. For added stability though, it is preferable to opt for a four legged table, with as wide a base as possible. This will help to avoid any catastrophes caused by young children running around and bumping into the furniture.

As you can see, there are many factors involved in deciding on the right pedestal table for your needs. Which one you finally choose, will depend, not only on your budget, but on your individual circumstances.

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